General Statement

I work with different subject matters, concepts, mediums that takes a diversity of forms. My intention is to recreate the existing image through new visual language by including different subject matters from identity to post-truth, craft to aesthetics, history to myth, tradition to new media arts, religion to politics. I seek to recreate, rediscover, reinterpret the critical dialogue of contemporary adaptation.

Tea Cups Installation

As residency curator, she has shared her experience of 30 days of residency, giving title to each day independently. Tea cups used to be the most important part of discussion during residency, thereby stimulating minds to brainstorm more specifically. Magic mugs initially black in color, used as tea cups, turn into white revealing different titles on each, upon pouring hot liquid into them showing mysterious experience of each day of residency.

Tea Cups Installation

Monotony of life

This specific work based on the current scenario happening in Pakistan. The problems we are facing as a nation like terrorism, war, political issues etc. through my imagery I portrays the beauty of Pakistan, remembering the Golden time period and hoping that things get back together as they use to be when as a nation Pakistan was united.

Monotony Of Life

Events that effected (Blood moon series)

This series consists the phenomena of blood moons overlapping the Islamic geometric pattern reflecting the divine attributes using acrylics, silver leaf and mix medium. Not sure if everyone is paying attention to the three blood moons and what is their prophetic significance? But it is getting a lot of exposure these days. So what is the prophecy of these three blood moons? In a nutshell, no one I exactly sure what they will bring and what I would not link to God to superstition. For the record, a blood moon is not that rare. What happens during a total eclipse is when the earth’s shadow and the light will appear red or orange or yellow (think red sunsets). But pastor hagee concludes that when a blood moon coincides with Passovers Seder Night, history has shown it is a sign that something big is getting ready to happen. This has only happened three times in history and every time the blood moons signed hug events that affected.

Events That Effected

Meri Kahani (My Story)

I took one geomatric pattern from the Shrine of Shah-Ruk-ne-alam of my home city, Multan and incorporate that in my installation. Revival of the traditional practice of going Shrines for the spiritual connection. I used the same pattern of that sacred palace and making shadows of the pattern from Jali. How light revolve through those patterns inside and outside of the shrines. People usually used to tie thread lace to those patterns to tie their wishes. So I made a room installation pasted black sheets in the room and making the pattern in white florescent color using text of my life story on the walls and played with the blue light keeping the revival of that tradition.

Meri Kahani

Threads installation (Body in space)

My inspiration starts from my home city Multan, a rich multi-craft culture, I had observed, in detail, the craftsmanship of design and now is daringly applying it through the fine arts mode. These bazaars were a regular visit for my family and me, because my mother teaching in a government school which is near sarafa bazaar, mesmerized from a very young age I always wondered about this beautiful craft called Pattoli which is a decorated threadwork tiring with traditional jewelry. This fascination grew as I entered my college years and decided to get to the core of my aspiration.

Threads, ropes, and their knots, twists and ties have always inspired me. The inner structure of our body reminds me of the same knots, twists and turns that are present in my jewelry making practice. Basically, I take the structure of the veins, arteries, and organs inside our bodies and translate them into threads and ropes used in jewelry making to create a sculptural installation. The end result looks different from its inspiration, but that is the result of the transformation in my art making process.

Basically, I assemble the traditional Pattoli Craft with the human anatomy corresponding to the inside anatomy details drawing. Threads, ropes, and their knots, twists and ties have always inspired me. The inner structure of our body reminds me of the same knots, twists and turns that are present in jewelry making practice.

Threads Installation 1 Threads Installation 2 Threads Installation 3

Arizona Residency work (Post-truth series)

I began this body of work during my first international artist residency program in Kingman, Arizona. While researching the city of Kingman and its culture, I discovered that Kingman was the first American Airbase in United States. Surrounded by barren land and large cacti plants, the landscape is full of bright colors. Broken planes are buried throughout the city, but the rich and vivid culture of the Native American tribes is still alive.

The Smallpox Epidemic of 1837-38 also spawned the beginning of deliberate white genocide against the original Americans and was subsequently nicknamed, "smallpox in the blankets”. White Europeans and Americans deliberately promoted the spread of smallpox among unsuspecting American Indians to clear them off the land. "Smallpox in the blankets" is one pf those stubborn legends that cannot be dismissed as myth because it is founded within the context of limited historical fact and widespread circumstantial evidence.

The apparent truth is that Americans gave blankets to the Indians in the winter to help them. But in reality, they wanted them die so they could seize their land. In my oeuvre, I use the red hawk to symbolize and contextualize the airplane with the spirit of the Native Americans.


Suppression of sexuality I

Theme is based on Suppression of Female Sexuality because of religious, cultural and social constraints and pressures. The choice of video was based upon capturing an everyday movement in its purity and simplicity.

I want to use every day act as a metaphor, because the kneading flour becomes a substitute for the suppressed expression, since when a woman handles the flour in different states and stages, it becomes a metaphor for handling body and body organs. The movement of hand, which on the surface is about doing a domestic chore, has undercurrents of pleasure sought by fingers, similar pleasure which is experienced or envisaged during a sexual intercourse, encounter and fantasy.

Thus the video in its edited version would allude to that link between female task and the female fantasy, which are intertwined, because a woman in her marriage is supposed to perform both acts or services, providing food to her husband and offering her body for his pleasure. Thus in the video I try to suggest how the singular act of a woman can have a possibility and potential for her private pleasure, without the presence of her male counterpart. In a way it is a celebration of woman’s freedom of body and her freedom from male dominance.

Suppression of sexuality II

The lack of education and rationality in our culture has made our women traverse two paths simultaneously. On one hand they have a natural life as human beings with all its pleasures and pains and on the other there is the cultural life with its own restraints and preferences, which are often in conflict with natural yearnings of human life. My work highlights a domain where the conflict between natural and social life is most pronounced. It is the sexual domain of our women, which goes through a continuous suppression. The sexual desire is natural but its fulfillment requires cultural validity. Many of our women do not find an opportunity of cultural validation and as a result their sexual domain suffers.

My work highlights this suppression by portraying fantasized sex objects, which are a substitute to sex toys in rural areas. The sexual fantasy associated with such objects, which may include vegetables and fruits or something similar to male sexual organ requires a perspective, a need and a choice. My work is a 3 minutes’ video that brings to focus the perspective and thought process that goes into it buying vegetables and fruits. It describes their inferences not only in object selection but also its value as pleasure commodity in an environment where such acts are considered extremely shameful. Thus in the video I try to explore the one possibility of sextual gesture. I want to use domestic act as a metaphor, because to buy vegetables and fruits or to make it ready for cooking or eating them becomes a substitute for the suppressed expression, since when a woman cuts the vegetables and fruits in different states and stages, it becomes a metaphor for handling body and body organs. Thus in the video I try to explore the one possibility of sextual gesture.